Taylor swam for the Cincinnati Marlins at the Ohio 2009 Long Course Junior Olympic Championships (aka State) July 16 – 19.  The meet was held at Miami University which has a very nice swim facility.  Her complete results and links to videos of the swims are at the bottom of this post.

It wasn’t all swimming.  Between prelim and finals we hung out together outside the rec facility.  Miami University has a nice campus and the weather was good, so it was nice to chill between sessions right there rather than go some where else.  There was a pretty large group of swimmers and parents hanging out each day. It was pretty much a picnic in the park.  Everybody had a pretty good time.  We grilled out one day.  The kids played games and “rested”.

Taylor had a “decent” meet.  I guess you can get spoiled (you being me the parent) when your child wins State Championships and set Team Records when they are 9 and 10 years old. Truth be told she was pretty burnt out this season after swimming Short Course, the spring Sectional Meet, and then right back into Long Course with just a two week break.  Still she made top 10 in 3 events, Champ Finals in 2 events, and swam 4 personal best times.  That is no small accomplishment.  She did all that while wearing her sisters 3 year old fast suit when a majority of the swimmers in finals had the new super high tech (soon to be banned) suits.

Here’s a recap of Taylor’s events with cuts, personal best times, and results from the meet.

Video links:
Note- “High Quality” files are large files 60+ meg each, “Low Resolution” quality is lower, but file size is smaller (10-20meg). Depending on your internet connection download times may be long for the larger files.


Taylor swam for the Cincinnati Marlins at the Ohio 2009 Short Course Junior Olympic Championships (aka State) Mar. 13 – 15.  The meet was held at Bowling Green State University.

In case you didn’t notice Taylor isn’t wearing her cap (either that or her last name has changed).  One of her teammate’s dad passed away Saturday night and all the kids were wearing his cap as a way of showing their support since he was not able to attend the last day of the meet.  I thought it was a pretty cool way to show their respect and support as he was worried that he was letting them down by not being there for them on the last day.

Here you can see Taylor demonstrate a nice tight streamline on her start.

Taylor swam in the following individual events:

  • 100 Fly (Fri) [VIDEO: Prelim, Final]: She swam in the prelims seeded 5th, so with the circle seeding she was swimming next to the #2 seed.  Her prelim swim of 59.86 was her 1st time ever under one minute, a new PB time and SECTIONAL CUT, and made champ finals seeded 6th.  Her finals in under a minute again with a 59.94 and placed 6th overall.
  • 500 Free (Fri) [VIDEO: Final]: The 500 Free was a timed finals (so only one swim) with the top 8 swimming their heat in the Finals session.  Taylor said she felt like she was going to throw up and was surprised she didn’t go even slower.  She finished 11th and and only a second off her PB time.
  • 50 Free (Sat) [VIDEO: Final]: This was her only individual event in prelims.  Taylor has never been a sprinter, but lately she has been dropping time in the 50 and 100 Free. She swam a PB time of 25.83.  While a PB time it wasn’t good enough to make finals and she finished 23rd overall. She had come into the event seeded 31st.
  • 400 IM (Sat)[VIDEO: Final]: The 400IM was another timed final event with the top 16 seeds swimming at Finals.  She came in seeded 9th.  She had a good swim with another PB time– 4:47.19 and finished 15th overall.

  • 100 Free (Sun) [VIDEO: Final]: Taylor came into the meet seeded 21st in the 100 Free.  She swam her prelim swim in 56.45 which wasn’t quite a PB.  She finished 23rd overall.
  • 200 Fly (Sun) [VIDEO: Prelim, Final]: This is the event Taylor was seeded highest in coming into the meet. In prelims she swam in 2:12.86 and qualified for Champ Finals 4th.  She swam 2:12.51 which was faster than her prelim time and put her 4th overall.  An interesting note here is that she was the only swimmer in Finals that was not wearing a $400+ fast suit.  The fast suit she was wearing was a few years old and still she finished 4th.
  • 1650 Free (Sun): This is a timed final event.  The top 8 swim in Finals, but have the option to swim in Prelims.  Taylor chose to swim in Prelims, so she could focus on the 200 Fly for Finals.  This was only the 2nd time swimming the 1650 Free competitively.  She swam it in 17:59.60 which was a PR time– a 26 second drop and a NEW SECTIONAL cut.  The funny thing is she doesn’t like this event and swore she would not get the Sectional cut, because she didn’t want to have to swim it at Sectionals. She finished 6th overall.

Plus she swam on the Cincinnati Marlins 13-14 Girls “A” relay in the following events:

  • 800 Free Relay (Fri) [VIDEO: Final]:  Taylor swam the anchor leg.  She entered the water several lengths behind the team in the next lane.  By swimming the fastest 200 Free of her life (2:00.30, which is nearly 3 seconds faster than she has ever swam a 200 Free) she not only caught, but passed and beat that girl by a couple of body lengths.  That moved the relay up to 9th overall with a time of 8:13.67 which was a 10 second drop from their seed time.
  • 400 Medley Relay (Sat) [VIDEO: Final]: The Marlins “A” relay was seeded 7th, so they swam in the Finals heat (top 8 relays swam at Finals).   Taylor swam the 100 Fly leg in 1:00.24, which would have been a PB time before Friday).  All the girls had great swims.  Their 4:06.73 was 3 seconds fasted than their seed time and a SECTIONAL CUT! They finished 5th overall.
  • 200 Free Relay (Sat) [VIDEO: Final]: The Marlins “A” relay was seeded 12th overall, so they swam in Prelims.  Taylor swam the anchor leg in a 25.65 (a PB split).  The relay crushed everybody in their heat and moved up to 7th overall.
  • 200 Medley Relay (Sun) [VIDEO: Final]: The Marlins “A” relay came into the event seeded 14th, so they swam in the slower heat.  Taylor swam the 50 Fly leg in 27.32 (another PB split).  All the girls swam great… again.  They won their heat and ended up finishing 6th overall dropping 5 seconds from their seed time.
  • 400 Free Relay (Sun) [VIDEO: Final]: The Marlins “A” relay came into the event seeded 11th, so they swam in the slower heat.  Taylor swam the anchor leg in 56.26 (her 2nd fastest time ever). Taylor ran down and passed the girl next to her to move the team up another spot. All the girls swam great… again.  They ended up finishing 8th overall dropping 3 seconds from their seed time.

Here’s Taylor over taking and passing the girl to win their heat.

You can see a recap of Taylor’s results: CLICK HERE for PDF

I will post videos of her swims but it is getting late.  I should be able to get the videos posted next weekend.  Check back to see some of her swims.


Alex arrived in Canton with her team ready to compete in the 200 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay.  There was a sold out crowd there to watch the prelim session.

200 Medley Relay:

The first event was the 200 Medley Relay.  Alex was swimming the lead off leg- backstroke.  She swam her leg in 28.95, which wasn’t her fastest but kept her run of sub 29’s going.  She had not gone under 29 in her 50 split before Sectionals.  The team went 1:52.12 which was slightly slower than there time from Districts.  They ended up 19th in prelims, so they did not get to swim in finals (top 16 go to finals).

Alex explodes off the blocks for her backstroke start.

LHS 2009 State Medley Relay Results

400 Free Relay:

The last event of the night was the 400 Free Relay.  Alex was swimming lead off again.  She swam her leg in 55.85 just a little off her 55.65 from Districts. The team swam the relay in 3:44.75, which was over 3 seconds slower than their District swim.  They finished 23rd overall.

Unfortunately they did not make finals, but they did get two relays to State this year. Since none of the girls on the State relay graduate this year, they look to make another run next year.  Plus Taylor will join the team and should make them even stronger.


This last weekend was the Ohio Junior Olympic (State) Age Group Championships. Over all 4 days Taylor competed in 7 individual events and 4 relays swimming 17 times in total. Taylor came into this meet as focused as I have ever seen her. She rested during the week. Would not eat ice cream– this is a major item for her to give up — because she wanted to eat healthy food. She passed on going to Kings Island until after the meet. She had a great meet.

Thursday – Day 1:
She started off swimming the 400 Freestyle on Thursday night when all the distance Freestyle events are swum. She was seeded 3rd overall, which means she swam at finals with the top 8 swimmers. During the 400 Free she actually kicked. I mean a good steady kick the entire 400, when in ANY free event you would be lucky to get 50 meters of kicking. It paid off as she swam the event nearly 6 seconds faster than her Personal Best (PB) time and finished 3rd overall. A good start.

VIDEO: 400 Freestyle (large file- 89 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Friday – Day 2:
Prelims: She had the 200 Free plus two relays: 200 Medley and 400 Free. She was on the “A” relay for both, which meant she swam those at night during finals, so she only had one swim in prelims- 200 Free. This is an event that she was spent her entire swim career saying, “Not the 200 Free. I hate the 200 Free.” Well, she continued the trend she started in the 400 Free by kicking the entire 200 and swimming another PB time (over 3 seconds faster). That swim mover her up to from 11th seed to 5th placing her in Champ Finals (top 8 swimmers – guarantees you will not finish less than 8th).

VIDEO: 200 Free Prelims (large file- 23 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Finals: Started with the 200 Medley Relay with Taylor swimming to Butterfly leg. The “A” relay finished 6th after swimming a little slower than their seed time (Maddie Rapp aged up right before the meet and she was on the relay that set the seed time). Next was the 200 Free where Taylor was seeded next to Cara. Well, after 200 meters of swimming and more strong kicking Taylor improved on her PB swim from the prelim session, but placed 5th overall going .05 seconds slower than Cara. Then she finished swimming the lead off leg of the 400 Free Relay going a PB time 1:05.63 (a full second faster than her previous PB time).

VIDEO: 200 Free Finals (large file- 23 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Saturday – Day 3:
This would be Taylor’s busiest day with 2 relays and 3 individual events for a total of 8 swims on the day. Once again she swam the “A” relays in Finals, so her day started with the 50 Free. She was seeded 11th coming into the event. With 50’s not being Taylor’s strong suit she was going to need a great swim to make it back in Champ Finals. Well, she delivered with a PB time of 30.24 earning her the 8th seed helped by a great start. Whew! Next was the 50 Fly, where she swam in the lane next to Cara. She had a great start and her PB time of 31.35 put her in Champ Finals as the #1 seed! Her last swim of prelims was the 200 Individual Medley where she continued the string of PB times by going 2:36.79 (4 seconds faster than her PB).

VIDEO: 50 Free Prelims (large file- 23 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 50 Fly Prelims (large file- 23 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 200IM Prelims (large file- 23 meg) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Finals started with the 200 Free Relay where she swam the anchor leg going a 29.75 her 1st sub-30 50 Free time. The team finished 7th overall. Next was the 50 Free where she swam another PB time improving on her Prelim and finished 7th overall. Then it was on to the 50 Fly where she would face Rachel Jackson, who is a very fast fly swimmer (in 2006 Taylor had the 11th fastest time in the nation and finished 2nd to Rachel), so even though Taylor was the #1 seed I knew it would be tough for her to win. Rachel won setting a new state record. Taylor finished 3rd with another PB time– her 8th PB in a row. Her last individual event was the 200IM where she ended her streak of PB times, but still finished 3rd overall. Finally, the night ended with the 400 Medley Relay, where she swam the 100 Fly leg. She swam it in a PB time of 1:09.22 and the team finished 4th overall.

VIDEO: 50 Free Finals (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 50 Fly Finals (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 200IM Finals (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Whew! A busy 1st three days with some great swimming. Every swim was a PB time except 2 finals swims which would have been PB times prior to her prelim swims.

Sunday – Day 4:

No relays and only 2 individual events to round out the day: 100 Free and 100 Fly.

Prelims: Taylor started with the 100 Free. She went into prelims seeded 11th, so she needed another good swim to get to Champs Finals. She delivered swimming another PB time: 1:05.38 which was nearly a second and half better than her previous best time. That was good enough to put her 7th seed for finals. Then it was the 100 Fly where she swam another PB time going 1:08.11– only .3 seconds off a Sectional cut.

VIDEO: 100 Free Prelims (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 100 Fly Prelims (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

Finals: Back to the 100 Free with Taylor swimming in the outside lane- lane 1. She swam the second sub 1:06 time of her life, but added from prelims and finished 8th. Finally, the 100 Fly where she was seeded 3rd and swimming between Cara and Rachel. Rachel took off with her usual strong start and Taylor was running 3rd early. In the end Taylor was swimming hard to hold on to 3rd and hold off Cara. She finished in a 1:08.51.

VIDEO: 100 Free Finals (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

VIDEO: 100 Fly Finals (large file) Right click “Save as” to download instead of stream into media player.

It was a long weekend and you could tell Taylor was starting to get tired there in the finals on Sunday. She had an awesome meet recording PB times in every event and nearly getting her 1st Sectional cut.  In fact her 100 Fly time puts 23rd fastest in the nation.  Also, her 200 Fly time from the time trial she swam a couple weeks prior to the meet was 19th fastest in the nation.  She, also, made Champ Finals in every event she swam.  Even high point winner can’t say that. Pretty darn good I’d say.

You can view the complete results: CLICK HERE


Taylor swam for the Cincinnati Marlins at the Ohio Junior Olympics (State) Championships this weekend. She swam 5 Personal Best times and finished in the top 10 in 5 events! Her best finish was in the 500 Freestyle with a 6th place finish. One of her best events is the 100 Butterfly, but she had a bad swim in Prelims. She ended up in the Consolation round of Finals which meant the best she could do was finish 9th. So even though she had the 5th fastest time overall, she officially took 9th.

You can view complete results and comments on the a PDF by clicking on the following link: CLICK HERE

Her Short Course swim season is now over. She gets short break before practice starts back up for Long Course season. She is going to fill the time running track for Loveland Middle School. This will be her 1st season of track. She is a pretty fast runner, so I imagine her track career will be a great as her swimming.

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