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We had our first significant snow since we adopted Sammy, so she finally got out to play in the snow.

She had a great time.  Checking out the snow and then playing catch with snow balls.  She was like a kid playing in the snow for the first time.

 Here’s a very short video of her catching a snow ball.



Sammy can’t wait for her Christmas presents either. She’s just as bad as the kids.


It says “Chew Guard Technology” It wasn’t tested on Sammy, but it was bested.

Jul 042012

Sammy finding a cool place to lie.

Dec 152011

Sammy is not a puppy anymore. And watch out cuz she has a mouth full of sharp teeth.


I recorded Sammy playing.

Here’s her “I wanna play” bark: Sammy playing bark.

Here’s her “Scary growl”: Scary growl



Aug 232011


Here is the newest addition to our family – Sammy.


She is a blue heeler – rottweiler mix.  We adopted her from a shelter.  According to them she is about 3 months old, but based on her size we think she might be a little younger.  She weighs in at 7 pounds.  Today was her 1st day home and she was just spayed so she is a little under the weather.  Brandy is not to sure about her yet.

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