After the accident we had dinner with John, Maria, Mike, and Maura. John stopped by this ruin near Ansbach on the way back to Ansbach.  It was pretty cool lit up like this at night.  Another thing that was notable was when you looked out on the countryside from the hill it was so dark.  It was another way that really showed how the countryside is different here than the U.S.  In the U.S. there would be houses and buildings scattered throughout the hills, so there would be street and house lights.  Here it was just dark countryside in the twilight.  Cars driving on the highway below really stood out because there were not that many and all you would see is their headlights moving along on the highway in the distance.  It was a nice chill way to end the night after a long day.

We had some fun with the lights and shadows.




Pictures taken with iPhone 6.


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