On our way home we were treated to this amazing sunset while on layover at JFK: New York City skyline, with sunset setting and planes taking off.




After the accident we had dinner with John, Maria, Mike, and Maura. John stopped by this ruin near Ansbach on the way back to Ansbach.  It was pretty cool lit up like this at night.  Another thing that was notable was when you looked out on the countryside from the hill it was so dark.  It was another way that really showed how the countryside is different here than the U.S.  In the U.S. there would be houses and buildings scattered throughout the hills, so there would be street and house lights.  Here it was just dark countryside in the twilight.  Cars driving on the highway below really stood out because there were not that many and all you would see is their headlights moving along on the highway in the distance.  It was a nice chill way to end the night after a long day.

We had some fun with the lights and shadows.




Pictures taken with iPhone 6.


Jul 202015


Our wonderful day was interrupted by a VW pulling out in front of us as we traveled along the Bavarian country roads.  I was looking at my phone when I heard someone say something, so I looked up to see this green VW car in front of us.  We were probably going about 80-85 kph (50’ish mph).  So it was a serious collision with air bags deploying.  Thankfully for modern safety technology as no one was seriously hurt.  There was some bruising from seat belt restraint and abrasions from air bags.  Tanya was definitely feeling it for a few days afterwards, but no one went to the hospital.

I must say once we knew everybody was ok, my thoughts were of Mike and Maura.  They were such great hosts.  Driving us all over the German countryside and then a day before we are going to leave we get in this accident that totals their car.  On top of that Mike was managing through recent back surgery, so on top of all the travel the accident was not a good thing.   Even when no when is seriously hurt and its not your fault these things suck.  Having to deal with insurance companies and all the bureaucracy that come with that is such a pain.  Mike and Maura didn’t get resolution on their claim for months.

While it was not a good situation, the scene was quite beautiful in other ways.  The day was gorgeous with blue sky and scattered clouds.  We were on the edge of a small village.  Across the highways were farm fields  and windmills off in the distance.  Right next to where we were waiting was a small field with three horses in it who had come over to the fence to see what was going on.  While we waited, a girl in a tractor when by several times going to and from the fields.  It made me think of Alex and her new life on the farm in West Virginia.  We saw a lot on this day, but I had not expected any of this.

We were still quite some distance from Ansbach and our transportation was down and out.  Mike and Maura were able to contact their friends John and Maria to come and get us.  We thought at the time someone would have to go with the wrecker, but that was not the case.  This meant we had 6 people in a 5 passenger car, which means we could not buckle up.   Let me tell you that I was not comfortable on the ride back to Ansbach driving down the highway and autobahn with no seat belt after being in a serious accident.

On the way back we stopped for dinner with John and Maria.  They were very nice and the dinner was a pleasant one.  Typical German fair in a outdoor courtyard.  It was good to relax, enjoy some food and beer, along with some god conversation.








TDF2015.07.20EuropeSummerHausen5On our way back to Ansbach from Rottenberg we stopped in Summerhausn.  A quaint little village.


TDF2015.07.20EuropeSummerHausen4It was a warm day, so we stopped for some ice cream.

TDF2015.07.20EuropeSummerHausen3Another possible retirement home option?

TDF2015.07.20EuropeSummerHausen2Here we saw an example on the “trust” in German society.  Many homes had a table outside with fruit for sale.  Nobody tending.  They had a price and one is expected to leave the correct amount of money for what they take.



TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenberg1Rottenberg the walled city.  You can walk much of the wall today.  While the city is a tourist draw it is a living working city.


TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenberg16This was the view down the road when we first entered the city.


Here we are at what is considered the “money shot” of places to have your picture taken.







TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenberg14  One of those wonderful inventions from the medieval ages. Anybody want to hang around for a while?

TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenberg10These little statues of gargoyles and other creatures are frequently seen on people window sills protecting the home.






TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenbergStorks1There was a pair of storks high in the buildings over Rottenberg

TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenbergStorks4This one was hanging out, while another was vying for her attention

TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenbergStorks2This guy kept doing this action with his wings and calling to her.

TDF2015.07.20EuropeRottenbergStorks3It was interesting to watch as we sat and ate lunch on the walk.










Our retirement home?




Trout farm for lunch.


Smoked trout and pretzels.

TDF2015.07.19EuropeFrankenSchweise13A couple of candid shots




A typical scene in the Bavarian countryside.  Villages here and there and typical a church steeple in view.


Driving through the countryside among the farms, villages, and woods we saw fox, storks, an eagle, the massive wild rabbits, horses, and cows.




You see these windmills here and there typically in small groups of 3-5 windmills.  Much different than the U.S. where you see large windmill farms with numerous windmills in the same general area.


We had a stowaway on our trip to Europe– Tony the Tiger.   He was able to join us for some of the sights of Prague on our second day there.








We took the subway out of the city center for some Czech dining.  This Prague subway is unique in the depth at the station we used.  The escalator at Náměstí Míru station in Vinohrady is about 100 metres long and, according to its builder, is the longest escalator in Europe.  It takes about two and a half minutes to ascend or descend the escalator if you stand still.  We were already partially down when I took this picture.



After dinner we walked back to the city center.  We passed this tower with these unique sculptures attached.  They are identical to some in a park near the Charles Bridge (see below).


TDF2015.07.16EuropePragueCreepy3This guy is found near the Charles bridge.



The residence of the Czech Republic is in the Castle area of the city


TDF2015.07.16EuropePrague34Lots of narrow street in Old Town, New Town, and Lesser Town

TDF2015.07.16EuropePrague35Interesting faux rock wall in the gardens below the Castle.


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