Well, we had our now annual camping outing for 4th of July.  The last several years we have been getting together at East Fork State Park with a bunch of our the families from the swim team.  The park has some really nice camp sites, bathrooms with showers, and is next to East Fork Lake with a beach and boat launch.  It is nice as we know which sites to reserve, so we get a couple of adjoining sites that have plenty of room for tents with trees for some privacy.


This year we had 23 kids camping with us along with two other couples.  Some of the kids were from the swim team. Some were friends of swimmers.  This is something they really look forward to as  I know some were counting down the days until “camping”. The kids have fun with swimming, hanging out, eating (they eat a lot!), hiking, and playing in the creek.

Yesterday, they went on an excursion to hiker and explore the creek.  They came back with turtles, toads, a salamander, a couple of young crawdads, and some fish.  I think that covers it.  Of course they wanted to bring home their new pets.  We liberated the toad and turtles back into the wild.  The crawdads and fish are residing in Alex’s fish tank.

So everything was going well until the weather turned on us yesterday afternoon.  The weather is a funny thing. At the beginning of the week the were calling for a “slight” chance of scattered showers. As the week progressed the forecast got progressively worse until Friday when we were setting up camp it was a 50% chance of rain and scattered thunder storms.  Then Saturday morning it was 80% rain and thunder storms which was supposed to last all afternoon and through the night.



Now, Saturday morning it was beautiful.  The sun was shining and the temperature was ideal.  By noon it was getting cloudy.  Then around 1pm it started sprinkling, which is about the time we checked the radar.  It was not good.  A massive wave of rain was heading our way and it was a couple of sates wide. This was not going to be a brief shower by any means.

I decided to be the camping wimp and stated that we (the Dschaak family) were going to break camp. By now the sprinkles had become rain showers. The only problem was at this point we had one new couple arriving and setting up camp, one couple was out at their sons baseball game, and the third couple had gone home to let their dogs out and pick up some food. We couldn’t just abandon camp with them gone.

Well, we started getting things organized to break camp while we waited for the others to return.  I wanted to get the tents down and put away before they got too wet.  So we packed up our stuff and were pretty much soaked by the time we were done.  The thing is we had all this food (a ton chicken breasts, corn on the cob, strawberry shortcakes) we had brought to make dinner for the 23 kids and 8 adults. It was decided we’d move the gathering to our house and make dinner there.

We got everybody and everything packed up and off to our house.  We set up in the garage with the food, drinks, and the grill.  The adults hung out there.  The kids for the most part moved to the basement where they played Xbox and computer games plus watched movies. Everybody ate a ton of food.  All the girls in the group slept over.  Everybody had a good time, so it all worked out in the end.






Well, we started our 4th of July celebrations yesterday. We went to the Cincinnati Reds (they won) which included a very nice post game fireworks show. It is a nice way to watch the fireworks as you are in the stands looking out over the river. The show was choreographed to music and lasted about 15 minutes.

Today, the plan is to go camping starting today, but the weather isn’t cooperating.

Hopefully, the rain will move out sometime this afternoon and we can have a nice camp out at the lake.  We are meeting up with a number of the families from the Cincinnati Marlins.


Well, it rained a bit on the 4th, but overall the weather was pretty decent, so we stuck to the camping at East Fork Lake.  Everybody seemed to have a good time.

The girls. They all stayed in our two room tent.

You can’t go camping without a fire. Of course, the kids couldn’t help but stick their “walking sticks” in it and playing.

We met up with our ole’ pals the cicadas. These are the annual type, so not quite an invasion. There were two of these guys and they are just a creepy looking as their every 17 year cousins (see “Invasion 2008! Cicadas”)

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