We left our camera back in Ansbach so all these photos were taken with an iPhone 6. 

Bamberg is a popular tourist area due to the beauty of the city.  From the market area, the famous old city hall on the river, cathedral, Michaelsberg Abbey it is quite scenic. The Old Town of Bamberg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, primarily because of its authentic medieval appearance.


In front of the old city hall.





View of the abbey from the city center.





The cathedral was completed in 1012 A.D.  The inside is amazing.




The artwork in the churches and cathedrals is amazing.  This piece is just one example.  These tell stories from the bible in the different images.  They can be closed up into a box so they can be transported.  It was common to take these to different churches and cathedrals.


This horseman is a local icon.


View of Bamberg from the hill below the abbey.



The city center is a market and pedestrian mall.  The buildings are all very distinctive and there is food for sale everywhere.


There are distinct statues like this throughout the city.



Beautiful sunset on the autobahn on the way back to Ansbach.  Took this going a 100 mph with the iPhone.




We finally arrived in Ansbach after a long two days… I had not slept since we got up to start the trip.  We did a walk through the city center — Alte Stadt.  It is all very pedestrian friendly with shops, cathedral, church, park, and Residence.  Mike and Maura have an apartment on one side of the Alte Stadt and we stayed at their friends apartment on the other side.  It was about a mile walk from one apartment to the other through the Alte Stadt.  All very nice.




Last night Loveland High School swimmers competed in the conference championship swim meet. Alex & Taylor swam in 2 relays and 2 individual events each. Alex was the FACV Champion in the 100 Backstroke!

200 Medley Relay

The night started off with the girls swimming in the 200 Medley Relay together. Alex led off in the backstroke leg and Taylor finished swimming the freestyle leg. Alex led of with a 28.89 split putting the team in a very close 2nd place (.01 seconds behind the leader).When Taylor entered the water the team was in 3rd. She swam a 25.59 split to hold 3rd place overall.

200 Freestyle

Taylor’s 1st event was the 200 Freestyle.  She was swimming in the final heat of six heats as the number 3 seed. She was in a 3 way battle for 3rd going into the last 10 yards. It was very close but the other two girls managed to get to the wall ahead of her and she finished 5th overall with a 2:02.20. That was her best time of the season as she had been consistently swimming in the 2:04 range.

50 Freestyle

Alex swam the 50 Free as her first individual event. She went into the event as the number 2 seed of 56 swimmers competing.  She swam a season best 24.83 and first time under 25 seconds this season for a 3rd place finish.

100 Freestyle

Taylor swam the 100 Free for her 2nd and last individual event (high school swimmers are limited to 2 individual events per meet).  She entered the event the #3 seed of 56 swimmers competing. She had not swam this event all season other than as a part of the 400 Free Relay where she was swimming 57 second splits.  She took 3rd with a 56.38 which was a good second faster than her previous relay swims and definitely her fastest of the season.

100 Backstroke

Alex was swimming the 100 Back for her final event.  This is not an event she had swam all the much. At the Southwest Classic she swam a 1:03 and did not qualify for finals. I know she said then that in practice she had not spent much time on backstroke, so her confidence and comfort in the event was not real high. Well, she got off to a good start and led from start.  Molly was close all the way into the finish. I was confident she had it, but I could hear a couple of people near me getting worried which made me get nervous. Alex won it with a 1:00.68 with her best time of the season earning her the FAVC Championship in the 100 Backstroke.

400 Free Relay

Final event of the night is the 400 Free Relay.  This time Taylor would be leading off and Alex would be swimming the anchor leg (the later the better since she had swam the 100 Back not all that long ago). Taylor had a great lead off leg with a 56.38 (same time as her 100 Free swim earlier) which had the relay in a virtual tie after the first 100.  Hailey swam next and built a slight lead with Kate (a freshman) following her. Kate gave up the lead and was about a full body length behind when she hit the wall.  This put Alex in the position of chasing.  Something that she does very well.  She closed the gap in the first 50 and was only slightly behind going into the final 50.  She could not close that final gap over the last 50 as she finished with a 54.00 split and 2nd overall. That was her best split of the season- a fulls 1.5 seconds faster than anything previously.


The Dschaak family wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Alex and Taylor swam in the FAVC (Fort Ancient Valley Conference) Championship swim meet for Loveland High School last night.  This was rescheduled due to weather. Unfortunately, the postponement forced a venue change.  The meet was supposed to be at Miami University, which has one of the best swim facilities in the Cincinnati area.  With the reschedule each division of the conference competed in separate pools at different local high schools.  Loveland competed in the Buckeye division at Milford High School. There were two downsides to this.  The facility is not nearly as nice (the Miami University pool is considered a “fast pool”). Plus you want to be swimming in the pool with all the top competition, but now some of them would be swimming at different sites.

First up was Taylor swimming in the 200 Freestyle.  She had only swam this event once during the high school season. She swam it in a 2:05.27 time then.  She swam the 2nd best time in her life to finish 2nd overall as she was going against one of the best swimmers in the state.

Alex swam next in the 50 Free for her 1st event of the night. She was seeded 1st with another girl having the same seed time.  She had a decent swim, but her turn wasn’t the best.  She finished 2nd overall.

Taylor’s next event was the 100 Butterfly.  She was seeded 2nd in this event. She was 2nd most of the race with Elizabeth swimming on her right leading for the 1st 75. After the last turn Laurin swimming on her left was right there with her and the lead was still held by Elizabeth, but it was very close between all 3 of them.  When they reached the flags it was nearly three way tie, but Elizabeth still had a slight lead on Taylor.  Taylor finished strong without breathing inside the flags (each of the other girls took a breath) to get the win making her the FAVC Buckeye division champion!

The next event was the 200 Free Relay with Alex and Taylor swimming together. Alex led off with a 25.72 to give the team a lead after the 1st leg.  Taylor was 2nd and she built on the lead with a 26.32.  The relay ended up winning by over a second earning another FAVC Buckeye division championship!

Alex swam the 100 Backstroke next for her final individual event.  She was going up against power house Julia Comodeca. She hung close the 1st 75, but a bad turn on the last turn which cost he. Julia pulled away down the last 25. Alex finished 2nd overall with a 1:02.42 which is the 2nd fastest time she has swam this season.

Watch the video of her swim: 100 Back [CLICK HERE]

The final event of the night was the 400 Free Relay.  This team Alex was swimming the 3rd leg and Taylor was swimming the anchor leg. When Alex took off she was a full body length behind.  By time she broke out she had closed a lot of the gap and when she came out of the 1st turn she already had the lead and she just kept building in the swimming a 55.30 split.  Taylor swam a 56.44 split to hold the lead.  Another FAVC Buckeye division championship for Alex, Taylor, and the Loveland girls beating the field handily.

Overall a good conference championship meet. Alex and Taylor earned two FAVC Buckeye division championships swimming together on two relays.  Individually they chalked up three 2nd place and one championship swims. Not a bad day for the Dschaak girls.

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