Kira2015Willow Reunited

Willow has returned for a visit and once again these to are nearly inseparable.


Willow2015Sammy SleepBuddies

Willow2015Kira SleepBuddies


Kira2015March SnowKira enjoying a late season snow.  No one else is happy, but she is.


Willow2015SleepingMeet Alex’s dog — Willow.  She is a 7 week old Blue Heeler (aka Australian Cattle Dog)


Willow2015PeekabooWillow was playing peekaboo from under the blanket.

Link to short video of Willow: 2015-03-20 18.25.17


The baby bunnies eyes are open now, but still pretty tiny.

They all have the same white spot on top of their heads.

There are 7 or 8 babies.  Hard to tell with them all squeezed in on top of each other like they are.


Mommy bunny decided to have her babies in the middle of our front yard.  It is quite the litter.  She did this last year and it did not turn out well.

So far the babies are doing all right.


We had our first significant snow since we adopted Sammy, so she finally got out to play in the snow.

She had a great time.  Checking out the snow and then playing catch with snow balls.  She was like a kid playing in the snow for the first time.

 Here’s a very short video of her catching a snow ball.



Sammy can’t wait for her Christmas presents either. She’s just as bad as the kids.


It says “Chew Guard Technology” It wasn’t tested on Sammy, but it was bested.


Alex’s pet bearded dragon with a “friend” riding on top of his head.

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