Willow2015Sammy SleepBuddies

Willow2015Kira SleepBuddies


Kira2015March SnowKira enjoying a late season snow.  No one else is happy, but she is.


Plainfield2015Spring ThawHard to believe these two photos were taken a week apart.  Thankfully Spring is here.


Willow2015SleepingMeet Alex’s dog — Willow.  She is a 7 week old Blue Heeler (aka Australian Cattle Dog)


Willow2015PeekabooWillow was playing peekaboo from under the blanket.

Link to short video of Willow: 2015-03-20 18.25.17


At the Brookfield Zoo with Lions and Tigers and Bear, oh my! Oh, Alex, Taylor, and Alyssa were with us as well.


TDF2015BrookfieldZoo2Alyssa, Taylor, and Alex being good sports for the camera




TDF2015BrookfieldZoo6Alex’s arm span does not quite measure up to the Andean Condor’s wing span.

TDF2015BrookfieldZoo7Tanya caught this leopard as it yawned giving us a great view of those teeth.

TDF2015BrookfieldZoo8Alex’s favorite animal. Of course she loves ’em all, but this is her fav.

TDF2015BrookfieldZoo9Taylor’s favorite animal.  She really wants a live miniature one. Can someone get on that?

TDF2015BrookfieldZoo10 This was totally cool.  Dolphin would blow air rings and play with them as the floated to the surface.

TDF2015BrookfieldZoo11This young ape was pretty engaging while we were there.


We took our visitors into the city.  A beautiful day to visit Millennium Park and get some shots with iconic Bean.

TDF2015Chicago MilleniumPark

TDF2015Chicago TheBean2

TDF2015Chicago TheBean3

TDF2015AlexTay The Bean

Alyssa (Taylor’s roommate), Taylor, and Alex

TDF2015AlexTay The Bean2

TDF2015AlexTayTanya TheBeanImageThe family image in The Bean

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