We had our first significant snow since we adopted Sammy, so she finally got out to play in the snow.

She had a great time.  Checking out the snow and then playing catch with snow balls.  She was like a kid playing in the snow for the first time.

 Here’s a very short video of her catching a snow ball.



Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.

Taylor and Alex opening the Christmas Eve present… jammies.  Tradition is new jammies on Christmas Eve then stockings and presents on Christmas day.

Sammy staying up to wait for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Sammy got tuckered out and fell asleep before Santa came.


Christmas morning. Stockings stuffed. Fire lit. Waiting for the family to wake.

Sammy finally gets her present.


The ole dog, Brandy, gets a present, too.

Lest anyone think otherwise, Tanya was present, too. Showing Sammy one of her stocking stuffers.

Taylor the camera shy girl.


Alex with her gift from Ian.



Alex and Ian before he left to be with his family for Christmas.


This tree is along the entry road to our subdivision. It is always quite distinctive when it has no leaves, but it really stood out today in the sun and with the fence decorated for Christmas.  And as should be abundantly clear from this picture we will not be having a white Christmas.


Sammy can’t wait for her Christmas presents either. She’s just as bad as the kids.


It says “Chew Guard Technology” It wasn’t tested on Sammy, but it was bested.

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