I just returned from La Jolla.  Work takes me there from time to time, but it seems I rarely get a chance to enjoy where I am at.  This trip I had a little extra time, so we went down to La Jolla and checked out the sight.  It was a beautiful day.  Well, it was really windy which you can tell by the white caps on the ocean still it was sunny and relatively warm.

This pelican was taking advantage of the on shore wind to glide along the shore.  He passed within several feet of us at a very slow glide.  He was so close I was afraid a sudden gust might blow him right into us.  There were a couple of flocks of pelicans hanging out on the rocks. Plus some sea lions and another flock of black birds I did not recognize.

Downtown La Jolla is a nice place to stroll around and shop when you aren’t checking out the ocean.

You can see all the pictures on this online photo album:  http://gallery.me.com/autumnkrueger#100058

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