Last game of the season was today. It was very much a fall day… cool, cloudy, leaves blowing in the wind.  This was the last regular season game.  A win and we lock up 2nd place which was important for seeding for the post season tournament.     The 2nd place team plays the 3rd place team, while the 4th place team plays the 1st place team.  The worst we could do was 4th, so we were in for sure with only  the seeding to be determined.  We were missing two of our players, but the other team had just 11 girls.  That means we had 3 subs, while they had none.  We had played this team the 1st game of the season and beat them 4-1.  They came into this game with a 2-7 record, so in theory we should beat them.

For this game Taylor had a little larger cheering section than normal.  Not only did Alex join her mother on the sidelines, but Grandma and Aunt Jennifer were there, too. Who knows that may have given her a little more inspiration to play better.

The first quarter started off with us attacking immediately.  The girls were passing well.  We got our shots and made the most of them finishing the 1st quarter up 3-0.  Taylor scored 2 goals. The first off a nice assist from her teammate and another after she took it away from a defender to get the shot.   It was a little two easy and you could see the girls relax.  We definitely did not get as many shots on goal the 2nd quarter and saw the ball at our end of the field more.  Still Taylor scored her 3rd goal to put us up 4-0 at the half and record her 1st hat trick of the season.

My biggest concern at halftime was that the girls would let down too much.   I had them tell me what they were doing right and what they could be doing better to keep them focused on the game.  They knew what they could be doing better without any prodding from me.  They came out back on the attack and started scoring again.  Taylor scored her 4th goal of the game in the 3rd quarter. In fact we scored 3 more goals midway through the quarter, so I pulled my center midfielders back not allowing them to go beyond the center field area.  No reason to run up the score.

Since we were up 7-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter I mixed up the line up some for the last quarter.  I put two of my regular defenders in as Left and Right Wings (Forwards).  Also, I told my center midfielders they were not to advance beyond the center circle.  This means at best we would have four attackers and two of those normally played defense.  Even with this configuration we continued to be on the attack most of the time.  Their keeper did a good job and made repeated saves.  At one point my regular center fullback (defender) moved the ball within 5 yards of the goal. She shot and it hit the post. She retrieved the ball on the rebound and shot again, but this time the keeper saved. She was bummed because she normally doesn’t get the chance to score and her grand parents were at the game.

The game ended 7-0.  The girls had a great time and played good team ball.  I really enjoy it when they play their positions and make good passes to set up the offense.  Now, we have locked up 2nd place in the division and our spot in the post season tournament.  They will play Saturday. If they win, then they play the winner of the other bracket on Sunday with the league champion advancing to the state tournament.

You can view more pictures of the game here:


We are in 2nd place going into our final game which we play tomorrow.  If we win, we lock up 2nd and will play in the post season tournament.  Top 4 teams make the playoffs.


Today we played the other Loveland soccer team.  We came into the game 6-2.  They were 2-5.  But this is a rivalry game…

The 1st quarter was not a good one for us.  The other team came out with more energy and was beating us to the ball and getting more shots.  Thankfully the quarter ended 0-0.  I gave the girls a little pep talk between quarters. It seemed to work as they came out with a lot more energy.  We started beating them to the ball and getting some good looks at the goal.  Taylor had a couple of shots that were saved by their keeper.  We have one girl with some real speed at wing, but they had a defender with equal speed who neutralized a few opportunities for what looked to be breakaways. It was still 0-0 at half, but I felt much better seeing the energy level and aggressiveness pick up.

The 3rd quarter saw us finally break the 0-0 tie.  We had a corner kick.  On the kick it went into the middle, but got kicked back out. The girl who took the corner kick for us was there for the ball. She  shot it back in for a goal. The 3rd quarter ended 1-0.  We started the 4th quarter with another goal fairly early into the period.  It wasn’t long after our goal that they got a break away and scored.   The lead was down to a single goal at 2-1.  It seemed the other team was on the attack most of the rest of the game.

The last two minutes of the game the other team had corner kick after corner kick.  Talk about hard on the nerves.  Corner kicks are some of your best chances to score and they were taking a lot of them. It was almost painful to keep looking at the clock and it just wasn’t running down fast enough.  Thankfully, we managed to defend all attempts and finished the game 2-1 and the win.  With one game to go we are 7-2. Depending on the results of the other games we may have locked up a post season berth with this win. Next Saturday is our final regular season game.


Last night the girls played against the #1 team in the Say North Kickers division.  This game was rescheduled from from last Saturday due to the other team requesting a reschedule.  It was cold and overcast last night. With the days getting short it was pretty dark, too (which is why the pictures are a little blurry with the action).  Some of the girls didn’t come prepared for the weather and definitely were feeling the cold.

It was some what of a scramble for everyone as kick off was scheduled for 5:45pm on a weeknight.  With this being an away game parents were scrambling to get to the field in time with work, rush hour, and a little bit of a drive. We had are own scramble as Taylor realized she only had one shin guard when we got to the field. You can’t play without shin guards, so Tanya ran to the store (too far to go home) to get shin guards.  We only had nine girls about five minutes before kick-off and one of those was unable to play due to a missing a shin guard.  Tanya got back right before kick off.  Needless to say I was stressing knowing we were playing a very good team and not knowing if  we were going to put 11 girls on the field.  We ended up with enough to field a full team right at kick off as Taylor hurried to get her shin guards on right before kick off.  In the end we were missing two of our girls which left us with three subs.

The first half was a defensive struggle.  Both teams managed to move the ball and get some shots, but it was a struggle to put it in the goal.  Our keeper made some nice saves on the defensive end and on the offensive side we missed some opportunities with shots going just wide. The other team finally score with a few minutes left in the half, so we went into the half down 1-0. We had our chances, so this was definitely a well matched game.

The second half again saw both sides with opportunities to score, but struggling to take advantage.  Our keeper made some great saves to keep us within a goal.  Our girls were definitely more aggressive the 2nd half.  As the time started to wind down the other teams girls were going down and taking their time getting up and off the field.  It definitely appeared they were trying to slow things down and waste time.  Our girls took a pounding, but bounced up time and again to keep the play alive.  I over heard the other coach talking to her players and they were definitely frustrated.

The other team eventually scored a second second off a corner kick goal to clinch the game late.  It shouldn’t have happened as our girls had the opportunity to clear it out, but let the ball sit in front of our goal too long.  It ended 2-0.  We may not have won, but we  played the #1 undefeated team in the division tough.  That team plays for the West Chester SAY club, which is known for stacking their rec teams. They definitely had some quality players, but our girls didn’t back down one bit.

As of today we are in 2nd in the division with a 6-2 record.  The 3rd place team has played one less game with a 5-0-2 record. If they win their 8th game they would move ahead of us.  If we win our last two game, we are guaranteed to make the post season tournament. Tomorrow we play the other Loveland Girls Kickers team.

You can view more pictures of the game here:


Alex and Taylor both went to homecoming dances last night.  Alex went with Garrett to the St. X dance and Taylor went with Bobbi to the Loveland dance.  This was Taylor’s 1st formal high school dance.

Here’s Alex in her dress ready for the dance.

Alex and Garrett before the dance.

Taylor with Bobbi.

Taylor with some of her friends.  A bunch of them met at a friends for dinner before the dance.


Taylor’s team experienced their 1st loss of the season going up against a team that was 5-0-1 with their tie coming against the other undefeated team. Let’s just say it was not a good day for one of our best players to be out sick, two of our best players under the weather, and another player missing from the game.  Taylor was having a hard time breathing and was limited due to that and another one of our better players was playing but was sick so her energy level was limited, too. Even with all that the girls hung in there and had their chances. We had opportunities to score: one shot off the top bar, one wide open shot just missed to the left, Taylor had a powerful shot that the keep managed to stop. Our keeper really stepped up and made a bunch of saves,  but it wasn’t enough to avoid a 3-1 loss.


As part of homecoming week each class fields a powder puff football team. Last night the girls played each other to determine the championship class for 2009.  This is the 1st year Alex had played, so she was playing for the Juniors.  Last year her class won the championship.

Besides the girls playing powder puff, the boys played volleyball. Here the girls are cheering on the Junior boys.  Alex is in the middle at the top.  Unfortunately, the Junior boys got clobbered, so they were one and done.

The boys, also, performed the role of cheerleaders. Tanya and I thought they did they best job off all the classes.  They actually had some different cheers and routines and kept actively cheering throughout.

The girls played the Sophomores first. Alex was playing defensive back in the 8 v 8 format. Here Alex and the defense takes the field for the 1st time.

It was a defensive game that went to overtime with the score 0-0.  The Juniors scored a TD and 2 point conversion in their 1st possession.  The sophomores scored a questionable TD as Alex had touched the girl down well outside the end zone, but they didn’t score on the conversion attempt so the Juniors one.

The championship game saw the Juniors facing the Seniors who won their game against the Freshmen 40-0.  The Juniors weren’t having any of that in their game.  The 1st half ended 0-0.  Alex had a chance for glory when she had a good look at an interception, but she couldn’t hold on for the pick. The Seniors were clearly getting frustrated and made some questionable hits in what is supposed to be a touch football game.  They took out the Juniors best offensive player just as the Juniors were moving the ball close to the end zone.   Late in the game Alex was taken out by one of the Seniors injuring her knee.  She stayed in the game, but the Seniors ended up getting a TD and winning.

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