Taylor’s soccer team had their 4th game of the season.  They entered the game 3-0 and were playing a team that was 0-3. The 1st half was a battle of defenses and ended 0-0.   The other team scored fairly early in the 3rd quarter on a questionable goal.  Our keeper defended a shot that came at her shoulder high. She  blocked it into the post then grabbed it and brought it out.  It didn’t appear the ball completely crossed into the goal (my keepers says it didn’t), but it was called a goal.  The other team scored a 2nd goal before the end of the quarter, so we went into the 4th quarter down 2-0.

The girls were talking on the bench before the start of the final quarter that they couldn’t lose this game. We were undefeated and they wanted to keep it that way especially since the team we were playing had not won a game.  Well, they came out fired up.  After practically sleepwalking through 1st three quarters they came out with a new energy and a sense of urgency.  We got an early look at the goal and scored.

Then after the kick off we were back on the attack.  Taylor made a nice pass to set up our the game tying goal even though the other team had moved more players to defense to hold their lead.  Taylor had some nice shots, but their keeper played the ball well and made the saves.  One of her shots was from well outside the penalty box and a line drive, but the keeper managed to save that one even though it came in with some real velocity on it. Taylor has a very strong kick and she was giving it her all.

One of the girls had told me at the quarter break that if I put her in at forward she would score.  She normally plays stopper or keeper.  In fact she was our keeper when the other team scored their two goals. She is a skilled player with a strong foot, so I figured I’d give her a  shot at it.  Well, she kept her promise scoring the go ahead goal with about 5 minutes left in the game earning a measure of redemption.   We had a few more opportunities to score, but either the keeper made the save or we missed the shot. One shot just barely went high over the cross bar on an open shot at the goal.  The game finished with us winning 3-2 and keeping our undefeated status.

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