Yes, we had a snowball fight in August when we visited Spokane earlier this month.  How do you have a snowball fight in the middle of the summer?  Well, you buy a bunch of flour and nylons and start making “snowballs”.

The nice thing about these snowballs is they don’t melt.  Once you have your snowballs you need a open outdoor space.  In this case we went to Indian Trail Park. Let the games begin.

Sometimes it looks like a war zone with the “smoke” from the flour trailing behind the snowballs in flight and exploding on impact.

This little girl looks innocent enough with her treasure trove of snowballs.  That cast certainly works well as a holder.

She can dish it out.

And she can take it, too.

The photographers neutrality did not spare them from taking some hits.

The rag tag crew after all the damage is done.

Now you can see why this is an outdoor activity. While it is a lot of fun, it is a little messy. This is where a leaf blower comes in handy.

Of course a shower is what is really needed.  This was the 2nd annual Spokane Summer Snowball fight. Good fun.


Taylor had her 1st soccer game of the season playing for the LYSA Kickers (U-14) Gold team.  This was her 1st game in almost two years.  Along with her returning to soccer I am coaching, too.    Being the 1st game and only a limited number of practices it was really hard to get a feel for how they would play.  Well, they played great.  There was lots of teamwork and quality passing.  The team won 4-1 due to all the great team play.  Taylor had 3 assists on the 4 goals.  Two of those assists were to Mackenzie on both her goals for the game.  The Taylor-Mackenzie duo is back in action.  It was a great start to the season.

You can view a photo album of the game: CLICK HERE


Taylor swam for the Cincinnati Marlins at the Ohio 2009 Long Course Junior Olympic Championships (aka State) July 16 – 19.  The meet was held at Miami University which has a very nice swim facility.  Her complete results and links to videos of the swims are at the bottom of this post.

It wasn’t all swimming.  Between prelim and finals we hung out together outside the rec facility.  Miami University has a nice campus and the weather was good, so it was nice to chill between sessions right there rather than go some where else.  There was a pretty large group of swimmers and parents hanging out each day. It was pretty much a picnic in the park.  Everybody had a pretty good time.  We grilled out one day.  The kids played games and “rested”.

Taylor had a “decent” meet.  I guess you can get spoiled (you being me the parent) when your child wins State Championships and set Team Records when they are 9 and 10 years old. Truth be told she was pretty burnt out this season after swimming Short Course, the spring Sectional Meet, and then right back into Long Course with just a two week break.  Still she made top 10 in 3 events, Champ Finals in 2 events, and swam 4 personal best times.  That is no small accomplishment.  She did all that while wearing her sisters 3 year old fast suit when a majority of the swimmers in finals had the new super high tech (soon to be banned) suits.

Here’s a recap of Taylor’s events with cuts, personal best times, and results from the meet.

Video links:
Note- “High Quality” files are large files 60+ meg each, “Low Resolution” quality is lower, but file size is smaller (10-20meg). Depending on your internet connection download times may be long for the larger files.

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