One of our traditions is to open a gift on Christmas Eve.  It is no surprise as to what the gift is… Christmas jammies.

Her are some select photos from Christmas morning.  In order to keep my family from killing in my sleep I am not allowed to post some of the photos taken.

Taylor with charm bracelet: swimmer, cell phone, soccer ball charms.

Alex meticulously opening one of her gifts.   She would start on one corner with a little tear and slowly remove all the wrap.

Taylor checking out one of the dog’s gifts.  She is wearing her Christmas jammies and three scarves she got as presents.

Alex modeling her new sweatshirt from Grandma Pam and Grandpa Tim.

I’m wearing one of my gifts and holding another.


The trees up and presents are wrapped.  We are just waiting for the big day.  May you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.


Alex and Taylor learned to fish with Grandpa Tim.  Alex caught a fish her first time out. In fact she was the first on the boat to catch a fish.  She’s been hooked on fishing ever since.  Taylor didn’t catch anything and interestingly enough she’s never been into fishing like Alex.  Taylor did help bring the fish to shore though.

Taylor sees what happens to the fish when they are brought home.

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