We made our annual trip home to visit family which always includes a week at Deer Lake.  Besides spending quality time with my family (grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) it is also a very nice place to spend some time.  You have the lake, mountains, forest, beach, boating, fishing, biking, horse shoes, ATV’s and dirt bikes. I thought I would share some of the sights from our trip.

The girls always look forward to the boating.  They got in plenty of tubing and skiing while we were there.

Taylor did some skiing.  She decided to try to give it a go on one ski this year.  She did OK, but never quite got to the point she could make an extended run on one ski.

My parents added a hot tub to the mix this last year, which was definitely a hit.

We took an excursion up in to the mountains above the lake on Grandpa’s UTV, Jeff’s ATV, and I rode the dirt bike.  Both Alex and Taylor got to drive the UTV, which they both thought was cool.

Besides all the activities there is just some beautiful scenery.

There is a ton of beautiful country around Deer Lake, so we packed a picnic lunch and took a day trip to Douglas Falls.

There is a nesting pair of Osprey with their nest above the bay my parents live on.  One day I watched one of the Osprey fish.  He repeatedly dove into the water to get fish.  It was pretty cool, but he was too far way to get any decent pictures. Here are a couple of shots of the Osprey.

The evenings were just awesome.  Hanging out by the beach watching the sunset and enjoying a nice fire is a nice way to end the day.  Of course, we made s’mores by the fire.

Here’s a couple of more pictures from the lake that I really liked.

This dragon fly is cool looking and the shadow of his wings just makes this picture.

Here’s a sunflower as the sunset.  I really liked how it looked in the lighting.

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