Here are a couple of pictures of Alex and Taylor when they were with their 1st swim team– the Mission Viejo Nadadores.  I am often asked how did they end up swimming.  Did Tanya or I swim? No.  Then why? Well…

Our journey to become a swim family started when Alex took lessons in Spokane at a city pool while visiting her cousins.  As luck would have it she ended up in a class of 1, so she had one on one lessons.  The girl who gave her the lessons, Rachel, took to Alex and in two weeks she had taught Alex more than she would have otherwise.  Also, they forged a bond so much so that she had Alex as her flower girl in her wedding the following December. Those two weeks with Rachel cemented Alex as a swimmer.

Alex starting swimming with the Nadadores after reaching the highest level of swim lessons when she was 6.  She had gone through all the levels to the point there really wasn’t anything for her to get from more lessons.  She clearly loved the water and swimming, so what next?  Well, where she was taking swim lessons they had this swim team- the Mission Viejo Nadadores.  Not knowing anything about swimming for a swim team we decided to check it out.  Well, she has been swimming competitively ever since.

Taylor started lessons when she was three.  She progressed through the 1st couple of classes fine, but when she reached the higher levels she ran into her 1st male instructor.  Well, she was going to have none of that.  She was extremely shy with men and she refused to get in the water.  This ended lessons as we were not going to make her.

Alex continued to swim with the Nadadores and Taylor was one of several little sisters hanging out at the pool day after day.  The coach for the youngest swimmer, Coach Janet, had a great rapport with the kids.  She suggested the girls start swimming with her as they were at the pool every practice anyway.  Since they all knew each other and would be together it would help them as they started.  So, at the tender age of 4 Taylor joined her 1st swim team.

One interesting note of Taylor’s early swim career. Of the younger swimmers she was always entered in the Butterfly (25 yards) as she was the only one who could legally swim the length of the pool. It was painfully slow, but legal.  To this day she is still a Butterfly swimmer.


Taylor is not playing soccer this Spring, since she is doing Track (and swimming, of course).  Her soccer team was in a tournament this weekend and short handed for their Sunday game. They asked her if she would play, so she did.  She was all nervous as she had not  touched a soccer ball since last fall.  Also, I think she was wondering how the team would act, since she “left the team”.

Well, it turned out just fine.  The girls were cool with Taylor being there.   She looked pretty good.  She hustled and made some nice passes plus she scored the only goal the team scored in the tournament.  She even played the entire game without a rest.  It was fun to watch her play.


After Alex did quite well in track last year Coach Wapple wasn’t about to let her little sister not join the track team.  Due to swimming she wasn’t able to practice except once before her 1st meet.  Well, after two track meets she hasn’t disappointed.  She ran her 1st races ever Tuesday and won all 3 of her races.  She ran the 100, 200, and 400.  She ran the 400 on a 1:09.

Today she ran the same events again.   She ran the 100 in 14.4 and took 2nd and she won her heat in the 200 with a 30.9.  She took 2nd overall in the 400 with a 1:08.  So, her first season of track has started quite well.

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