My day started at 2:20am est. I got up early to catch a flight back to Cincinnati. Why you might ask. Well, Alex is swimming at the Ohio High School State Championships. Just my luck the competition is this Friday and I was in Dana Point, CA for work. So, I caught an early morning flight home.

I arrived in Cincinnati just in time for the arrival of a snow storm. Yeah. Once there all I had to do was drive home (40 minutes) unpack and repack. Then take Taylor over to some friends, where she is going to stay while we go off to watch Alex at State. What should have been a 20 minute drive took over an hour. From there is was off to Canton, OH. Thanks to the snow an Cincinnatian’s inability to drive in it the 3:30 drive took almost 6 hours.

Now, I am finally in my hotel (11pm). Tired, but we made it.  We have to leave here at 6:15am to get to the zoo (I mean pool). I sure hope Alex and her relay do well. I have come a long way (2,000+ miles) to watch them.

Wish her luck.

  3 Responses to “Dedicated Dad!”

  1. Hey, girl we’re rooting for you and your team!!!!!!!!Will check back to see how you guys did. How great that you went to STATE and you’re only a Freshman. Gooo Tigers GO!
    What a busy time for you, dad. but you made it!!!! /grma Pam and Grpa Tim

  2. Oops—-posted my comments under wrong “file”; see “State-Alex advances to FINALS” for my intended comment here—-Luv. DD

  3. I’m impressed! Hope you’ve caught up on some sleep. On a side note… I used to surf at Dana Point.

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